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So, what do the famous whistlers play?
Be aware that I'm not part of the whistle player paparazzi. Any list like this will likely have errors, or be incomplete or out of date (as the pros sometimes change their preferences too!). But I've asked around a few times, and here is my current list:

  • Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh: Cillian O'Brian
  • Sarah Bauhan: Abell
  • Mary Bergin: Generation, Sindt, Copeland, O‚ÄôRiordan
  • Cormac Bretnacht: Susato
  • Tim Britton: Copeland
  • Mick O Brien: Generation, Burke
  • Andrea Corr: Mostly Walton's black whistles. I've seen her playing a Generation Bb while Celine Dion sings "My Heart Will Go On".
  • Geraldine Cotter: Sindt, Generation
  • Kevin Crawford: Susato
  • Mick Crehan: Generation
  • Brid Donoghue: Cillian O'Brian, Generation
  • Rosin nic Donncha: Susato
  • Liam Flynn: Generation, Burke
  • Sir James Galway: Abell
  • EJ Jones: Abell
  • Kathleen Keane: Burke
  • Tommy Keane: Generation
  • Paddy Keenan: Grinter, Cillian O'Brian, Kerry Pro Low D, Copeland
  • Grey Larson: Copelands
  • Joanie Madden: O'Riordan, Burke
  • Paddy Maloney: Sindt, Generation, Burke
  • Cathal McConnell: Generation, Overton
  • Mike McGoldrick, Kerry Pro Low D
  • Laurence Nugent: Copeland
  • Sean Potts: Tweaked Generation, Humphrey
  • Brendan Ring: Overton
  • Sean Ryan: Susato
  • Breda Smyth: Generation
  • Sean Smyth: Susato
  • Cillian Vallely: Chieftain
  • Gavin Whelan: Sindt, Generation
  • Shannon Heaton: Burke

If you think someone should be on the list, or I have some information wrong, please let me know! And if you're going to tell me someone plays a different instrument, please back that up with where you saw it, or CD liner notes or something. Thanks!

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